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Welcome to West Way Altrincham Renault Service Centre, West Way’s first official Renault Approved Service Centre. Our highly-trained technicians can carry out an MOT on all Renault vehicles both to a high standard and at a competitive price.

Booking your Renault vehicle in for an MOT at West Way Altrincham Renault Service Centre couldn’t be simpler. You can book online or give us a call on the number provided.

How to find out when your Renault is due an MOT?

What is checked in an MOT?

  • 12 months guarantee on parts and labour
  • Software upgrade check checked against Renault systems for free upgrades
  • Vehicle health check giving you a peace of mind of your vehicle’s condition
  • A vehicle valet returning your Renault in the best possible condition
  • Waiting facilities including refreshments, newspapers and wi-fi
  • Collection and Delivery & Low Cost Courtesy Cars providing ultimate convenience to suit your needs
  • Service Place Quotation suggesting an effective way to spread the cost of motoring


Call 0161 222 8083
email: altrincham@westwaynissan.co.uk
264 Manchester Road
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Free Vehicle Health Check with every MOT


Fixed Priced Service, Genuine Renault Parts


12 month parts & labour guarantee on all work

When your car is over 3 years old you can check the MOT due date in the last MOT certificate (VT20 certificate). If you can’t find the certificate there is no need to worry, the DVLA can tell you when your car is due an MOT by simply entering your registration here.

You can book your car in for an MOT up to one month before the expiration of your MOT certificate, although this will not change the day and month for future MOTs.

What is checked in an MOT?

During your vehicle’s MOT we check the following:

Exhaust & Emissions - We will test the emissions from your Renault to analyse the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) in the exhaust gasses. The exhaust itself will be checked for any corrosion and unusual noise levels at standstill.

Mirrors - All mirrors need to be attached to your Renault to pass the test and cannot have any cracks in the reflective glass.

Steering & Suspension - The condition of the suspension will be investigated along with the steering wheel. The front wheels must be able to turn to their full locking position to pass the power steering test.

Brakes - Our technicians will take a look at the brakes on your Renault to see if there is any damage to the discs. Your car will be placed on rollers to test the performance and efficiency of its brakes. Lights on the dashboard to indicate brake fluid levels and ABS/ESC issues will also be checked.

Body & Doors - The exterior shell of your Renault will be checked for any excessive corrosion and defects that could cause injury. Doors will be tested for secure operation and can be opened from both the outside and inside.

Fuel System - Obviously you wouldn’t want any fuel leaking anywhere therefore the condition of the pipes and hoses are checked as well as the seal on the fuel cap.

Wheels & Tyres - Treat your tyres well and your Renault won’t fail this test. The condition and security of a tyre are important in preventing punctures and possible blow-outs. The tread depth will be inspected and has to be above the minimum of 1.6mm.

Lights & Horn - Our highly-trained technicians will look at the colour, aim and condition of the car’s lights. The horn simply needs to work and is at a suitable sound level for the vehicle.

Windscreen & Wipers - You wouldn’t want any chips or cracks in the windscreen that could become dangerous over time. Therefore, an inspection on the windscreen and its wipers will be carried out to make sure you have a clear view while driving.

Seats & Seat Belts - The security of both the seats and their seat belts are checked as well as on operation test.

For more information on the checks that are carried out during an MOT at West Way Altrincham Renault Service Centre click here to download the VOSA MOT testing guide.

If your vehicle fails to meet MOT standards, you'll be informed of the repairs and costs required to pass a re-test. But don’t worry if you booked your MOT in advance it is still legal to drive your vehicle until the MOT expires.