Car Maintenance

Car Maintenance

Keeping your Renault in tip-top condition involves more than just putting it through the car wash once a week and keeping the servicing up to date. (Thankfully, not much more!) Here’s some advice from our expert technicians right here at our Renault Altrincham Service Centre. Keeping your car in shape can save you time and money. If you maintain your Renault well, you can prevent small issues becoming big issues.

Read Your Manual
First up, have you actually read your car’s manual? It might look like a foreign language to you, but checking over the manual will give you a good idea about the maintenance basics that specifically relate to your car. It will also tell you its maintenance schedule. Make sure you stick to it, as regular servicing can also improve you car’s value when you come to sell.

Drive Smart
Next up, how do you drive? If you’re always first away from the lights and constantly looking to overtake, chances are you’re putting a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your engine. (Let’s face it, on Britain’s congested roads, you’re going nowhere very fast.) To get more life out of your engine, accelerate and brake more gently and your engine, brake pads and suspension will thank you.

A little bit of TLC
What else can you do? Every once in a while, it’s worth carrying out a few visual checks to ensure you car’s running fine. Check for leaking fluids underneath – maybe oil stains on your drive – or excess smoke from the exhaust. If anything doesn’t seem right, get your Renault looked at by the experts at our Altrincham Service Centre.

Stay Spick and Span!
That regular Sunday car wash doesn’t just make your car gleam. It also helps prevent bodywork damage. Muck left on the bodywork can cause rust – and always remove bird droppings right away, as they’re a major cause of corrosion.

Keep it real with the Wheels
Check your tyres once a fortnight. Use a good-quality gauge on air line. Check the tread, too. The legal minimum is 1.6mm, but it’s best to replace your tyres if they’re close to this level of tread. Don’t forget your spare.

checking tyres

Be Oil Observant
You should also check your oil level once every two weeks or before a long journey. Use your dip stick. If you’re low, top up. If you’re constantly low, get the car checked out as this could indicated bigger issues.

Next time you have your car MOT’d, if you’re not confident with the basics, ask the mechanic to show you how to check the tyre pressure or change the oil. A few handy tips could save you a lot of cash.

At the West Way Renault Service Centre, we’d be glad to help with a few pointers that will keep your Renault on the road for longer. Next time you’re in the our dedicated Altrincham Service Centre, speak to our mechanics about your car maintenance or call us on 0161 222 8083.