27Jun 2016

During your vehicle’s MOT we check the following: Exhaust and Emissions We will test the emissions from your Renault to analyse the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (HC) in the exhaust gasses. The exhaust itself will be checked for any corrosion and unusual noise levels at standstill. Mirrors All mirrors need to be […]

13Oct 2015

Keeping your Renault in tip-top condition involves more than just putting it through the car wash once a week and keeping the servicing up to date. (Thankfully, not much more!) Here’s some advice from our expert technicians right here at our Renault Altrincham Service Centre. Keeping your car in shape can save you time and […]

03Jul 2015

Car breakdowns are a pain in the neck. They can seriously disrupt your day, and standing around on a motorway banking in the howling wind and rain waiting for the AA or RAC is nobody’s idea of fun. Luckily, there are some simple maintenance checks that you can do just once a week to your […]

03Jul 2015

So you’ve dropped off your car at our dedicated Renault Service Centre in Altrincham and you’ve picked up your courtesy car. You’ll drive off merrily to work. But what will happen to your car during its service? At our Altrincham Renault Service Centre, your car is in good hands. Regular servicing is vital to keep […]